Ska Radio Days… Part II

Two posts in one night… and both music posts. Actually, this one is a follow up to my first attempt at recreating my old ska radio show from the 90s. This is my second attempt and while it’s fun… getting it to really sound right isn’t going so well. Getting the levels on the voice right is really tricky and I know I need to work on that. Hell, I was so frustrated by the voice levels I considered recording a version of this “show” without any voiceovers — but Dennis says he likes the voiceovers, and he was the only person I asked, so given a 100% result on my all too small sample size, the voiceovers stays in.

A couple people complained that I didn’t put up a playlist on the last show, so here’s the playlist for this one:

Pressure Cooker/Nuthin’ Better
The Fenicians/Funk In A Deep Freeze
Franceska/Get Up
Hepcat/I Can’t Wait
The Robustos/No Strangers Here
Firebug/On The Move
The Debonaires/Right Hand Man
Blue Rivers & The Maroons/Witchcraft Man
Crazy Baldhead/Heartbreak
Victor Rice/The Ring
Stubborn All-Stars/Because Of You
The Jumpstarts/Take Me With You
The Slackers/Body Double
Michael “Bammie” Rose/Rockfort Rock
Chris Murray/The World’s About Me
The Pietasters/Same Old Song
The Aggrolites/Jimmy Jack

Once again, this was a lot of fun to put together, minus the frustration over the levels and such. I’ve been talking to Dennis about recording some more of these shows using his professional DJ equipment (and having him co-DJ) so maybe future shows will get a bit better. Speaking of future shows, I recently got a huge package of music from Chuck Wren at Jump Up, so as I plan out the next show, I’m going to try to include a bunch of stuff from there…

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