Getting Back To That Podcasting Thing…

So, last year I tried doing two separate ska/reggae podcasts that I posted to this blog… and I’d been meaning to do another one, but really wanted to try one with a co-host, because I think it sounds a lot better. This weekend, I went up to Dennis’ place and we set up and recorded another one. I’m pretty happy with the results (though, yes, there were quite a few mistakes if you listen closely enough… but you won’t… right?):

And the playlist…

  • The SkatalitesDevil’s Triangle (opening…)
  • The ImpalersHolding On To You
  • KutimanDubox
  • OrobiansNapoleon Solo (background)
  • Plenty EnuffDidn’t We Succeed
  • The InstepsFree Advice
  • Red Soul CommunityHey Hey Uh!
  • Color Blind SuperSoul (background)
  • The UpsessionsHooligans ’69
  • Two Tone ClubTrue & Big Love
  • The CaroloregiansAnother Saturday Night
  • Ed Rome Non-Relationship Rant
  • The LionsHot No Ho (background)
  • The UpstemmiansOne, Two, Three
  • The AdjustersFreedom
  • The AggrolitesTime To Get Tough
  • The PietastersMellow Mood
  • USCB All-StarsHeartattack
  • FirebugThe Quest (background)
  • The SlackersCome Back Baby

It definitely is a lot more fun with a “co-host” and the sound quality is definitely better than on my previous attempts, because Dennis has better recording equipment (as in, real professional microphones and a sound board and such). Don’t know if we’ll get to do the co-host thing all that often, but hopefully…


iancr  on May 3rd, 2009

listening now. perfect cap to my weekend of Culture and Horace Andy. thanks.

Charlie Dahan  on May 4th, 2009

Ah, ska – man were th 90’s a great time. I was the Skatalites A&R person in the 1990’s and man, the stories… What great music that needs a comeback – not of hype but of recognition and respect. Kids in high school jazz bands everywhere need to revolt! I would close the show out with The Slackers “Run Away” or Skatalites “Freedom Sounds” (which is how they opened and closed every show). Skavoovee, Charlie

Mike Masnick  on May 5th, 2009

Hey Charlie,

Cool. I saw the Skatalites a bunch of times in the 90s, and even got to hang out with them and have Roland on the radio in college in ’96 or so. Somewhere in a shoebox I have photos of me hanging out backstage with Roland, Doreen and the Lloyds…

dahancb  on May 6th, 2009

Cool – I did Skavoovee, Hi Bop Ska and Greeting From Skamania (which I got to title) with them. Hey, did you mention in one of your blogs the name of the software you could download and record any video you want off the internet? Or do you know the names of them –

Mike Masnick  on May 6th, 2009

Nice! I still think Hi Bop is one of the best ska albums ever. Anyway… unfortunately, no, I don’t know any software for downloading/recording video. Sorry. :(

Charlie Dahan  on May 7th, 2009

Hi bop was one of the craziest records I ever made. If we ever meet up I will tell you about when Roland challenged Tommy to a race to the death. They fought about everything.

Mike Masnick  on May 7th, 2009

Oh man. I’d heard rumors like that, but didn’t know it was true. When we had Roland on the radio, I remember someone telling us that the reason Tommy didn’t make the trip was because Roland threatened to kill him or something. Don’t remember all the details, but did hear that they couldn’t stand each other.

Charlie Dahan  on May 7th, 2009

They all hated and loved each other. One night Lloyd Brevett got into an argument with Lloyd Knibb at a restaurants. He was so mad he got up and left the table. After dinner no one knew where Brevett was so they wento to look for him. They found him asleep under the van holding a knife – I guess he was waiting to bumrush Knibb and stab him, but fell asleep waiting.

Mike Masnick  on May 7th, 2009

Wow. Now that’s a story. If we ever get around to doing some more of these, maybe we can get you “on air” to tell some of the old stories. :)

Charlie Dahan  on May 7th, 2009

I am there, I love talking about the Skatalites – plus, I figure I owe you for all the class time I used showing your MIDEM speech this semester (and test questions I wrote from it).

Charlie Dahan  on May 7th, 2009

Oh – here is a story I wrote about driving Toots Hibbert for the Hi Bop record:

Mike Masnick  on May 7th, 2009

Ha! That beats my Toots story by a *wide* margin. I saw him play a show back when I was doing the radio show. He went on for 2.5 hours, despite having a soar throat… Afterwards, me and my co-dj went backstage to hang out with him, and see if we could get him to do a bumper (“you’re listening to…”) and he says sure he’ll do it. So we write the call letters, show name and our names on the back of a napkin, and hand it to him with the tape recorder. He holds both up to his face… and… we wait. Nothing happens. My co-dj Jon and I start exchanging looks and it occurs to both of us that maybe he’s illiterate? But we don’t know what to do. So we wait. And wait. And all of a sudden, he leans back and shouts into the microphone:

“GIVE IT TO ME *ONE* TIME! You’re listen’ to ska and reggae on the radio with John and Mike… and ME! Toots!.”

It was awesome. But not as awesome as your story.

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