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Friends Who Blog? Hmm…

So, okay, I recognize that now that I have a personal blog thing, I’m supposed to populate it with a blogroll on the side with links to friends who blog. And, that’s the point that I realize I really don’t have that many friends who blog. Very few of my close friends blog, and of those who do, they don’t blog very often. There are “industry” blogs that I read that are written by people I know, but does it make sense to link to them from a personal site?

Coming up with a blogroll was much easier for Techdirt, when it was all about what sites I find interesting and read regularly.

Still, though, among the “friends who blog” category (and I’m sure I’m missing some), the winner in the category remains Mike Ho for his (alternate title: Mike Ho’s of the world UNITE!). I believe it’s still built on Greymatter (remember Greymatter? That was what we ran our first few Techdirt clients on back in 2000/2001). It’s almost never updated, but when it is, it’s absolutely worthwhile.

Tap, Tap, Tap… Is This Thing On?

Well, let’s see. I guess technically I’ve been blogging just about every non-holiday weekday since March of 1999, and prior to that writing Techdirt email newsletters since August of 1997… and yet I’ve never had a “personal” blog. So, not quite sure what to put here.

Dennis has been pushing me to get a blog for a while, and finally pushed me over the edge by (a) getting access to the server and setting it up and (b) tagging me in that silly “five things you don’t know about me” blog tag game. I’m not going to play in this post just yet, but maybe later.

For now, here it is. A personal blog. I doubt I’ll write very much, but we shall see.