Self Medication On The Way

Thanks to RSS, just noticed that Amazon is now taking pre-orders on the latest Slackers album, Self Medication which will be out in a month. Fred was asking if I’d heard it, and while I haven’t heard the full album, I definitely recognize some of the songs, especially the first one, so I figured I’d post it here:

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Hmm… in pending, for some reason, the audio is compressed like the Chipmunks… I’m going to post this anyway and hope that’s not the case when it’s posted for real. If it is, I’ll see what I can do…

Well that didn’t work at all… not sure why it’s playing it like the Chipmunks, but in the meantime, if you want to hear the song, it’s here at Tumblr. Gave me an excuse to try Tumblr.

This version was recorded live on the radio when they were in Texas last year. Vic’s playing a baby grand piano rather than a keyboard or organ, so I’m guessing the album version will sound a bit different… but either way, I know that this song has been stuck in my head for a while, so I’m happy it’s the first song on the new album. I had a lot of fun doing my music post last month, so maybe I’ll try to do a review post once I get this album. In the meantime, take a listen…

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