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I recognize this sounds like a Steven Wright bit or something, but… uh… how do you throw out a garbage can?

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masnick.com » Anyone Got Recipes For Figs?  on October 8th, 2007

[…] Well, my last request for help from all two of my readers didn’t work out so well, but I can’t resist trying again. As mentioned, as a wedding present, Audris put together a really cool cookbook with recipes (and stories and well wishes) from all our friends and relatives. We’ve actually been using some of those recipes (thanks!) but now we could use some more help. We moved into our new house and have discovered it has a cool fig tree in the front. So, for a couple of weeks, we’ve been eating fresh figs. But, plain old figs are starting to get boring… so, anyone got some good fig recipes? […]

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