Participatory Pre-Wedding Event: Everyone Search For The Lost Wedding Band

Originally uploaded by Paul M.

So, DiPasquo and Robin got married last Friday, and while it was a lovely and fun wedding in many ways, it may be most memorable for the… er… somewhat unplanned pre-ceremony group event known as “everyone search through the grass for the missing wedding band.”

While apparently the rings were originally tied to the young ring bearer’s pillow, somehow they came undone right before the ceremony. Someone saw Dan’s ring fall, so that was picked up quickly, but Robin’s was already long gone. So, a large segment of the wedding attendees spent 15 to 20 minutes combing the grass for the elusive wedding band to no avail.

A substitute was procured and the rest of the event went off without a hitch. Dan sent me a text message on Sunday saying that his brother-in-law rented a metal detector and they spent four hours Sunday morning… and finally found it! Damn. Four hours with a metal detector? I’m not sure I would have lasted that long.

Update: Aha! Mer put up a video montage from the wedding that include a bit of tape on everyone searching through the grass:

Dan + Robin’s wedding NOV 2 2007 from merpeck on Vimeo.

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